The R3D Craft resource pack is an ambitious project that aims to bring true 3D textures and a sense of realism to Minecraft worlds everywhere. The 512x version of the pack is amazing, with perhaps the best-looking textures in any resource pack ever made for Minecraft. Everything from dirt to glowstone looks better than ever before, but those high-end textures also put a heavy toll on your CPU and GPU, making both work harder to play Minecraft. Thankfully, R3D Craft comes in multiple resolutions all the way down to 32x, so practically anyone can use the pack if they find the right version for their needs.

Even with the lesser versions of R3D Craft 1.11, you get textures with some degree of realism to them, with some varieties of R3DCraft producing textures that are very close to true 3D. Thanks to some updates about 3 months back, this pack is compatible with 1.10.x versions of Minecraft, though it still doesn’t work with 1.11 now. From looking at the incredible quality of the textures which have been completed so far though, it seems safe to assume that the shields, banners, beetroots and other new content added by 1.11 will also look great, if and when the author gets around to making those textures.

Although it can be hard to see with the lower quality versions of R3D Craft, this resource pack doesn’t skimp on detail with any blocks, so even common things like dirt, wood and cobblestone look a lot better than normal. Not every texture has been finished though. Flint, for one, looks the same as it always has. Other blocks throughout Minecraft are also waiting for the update where they get a new face – about half the textures in the game are modified by this pack.

Update Logs

  • Fixed some issues with creative tabs
  • Fixed some issues with Minecart icons in 512x
  • Fixed an issue with the sun
  • Fixed an issue with the flint
  • Added item: Banner
  • Added item: Wheat Seeds
  • Added item: Melon Seeds
  • Added item: Pumpkin Seeds
  • Added item: new Porkchop
  • Added item: new Beef/Steak
  • Added item: new Spawn Egg
  • Added item: Boats
  • Changed item: Snowball
  • Changed item: Coal
  • Added entity: Boats
  • Added entity: End Portal

Installation Guide for R3D Craft Resource Pack

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to download and install R3D Craft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4. For resource packs that are higher resolution of 64×64 pixels, you will have to download and install Optifine HD Mod or MCPatcher HD Fix to render successful all HD textures. Also, this guide will work on all versions of Minecraft.

  • Setup 1: Download the texture pack/resource pack from below link/s.
  • Setup 2: Open Minecraft and go to Options -> Resource Packs -> “Open resource pack folder”.
  • Setup 3: A window will open with the folder “resourcepacks” from .minecraft directory.
  • Setup 4: Move the zip file that you just downloaded in resourcepacks folder.
  • Setup 5: Now you should see the pack in “Available Resource Packs” list.

If the pack not on the list after you have copied, possible the zip file of the resource pack to be in the wrong format. If you have problems with installation does not hesitate to leave a comment below, we help you or our visitors will help you too.

Download R3D Craft Resource Pack

The download links below are provided by the developer (UniblueMedia) of the R3D Craft Resource Pack. We make sure there's no any viruses or malware in the links we provide below. If the links below do not work or require an update to the last version, write in comments and will fix soon. Also, do not forget to visit the official page for more information or various announcements made by the developer [MinecraftForum].





32x32 v0.3.0 Minecraft 1.10.X Download
64x64 v0.3.0 Minecraft 1.10.X Download
128x128 v0.3.0 Minecraft 1.10.X Download
256x256 v0.3.0 Minecraft 1.10.X Download
512x512 v0.3.0 Minecraft 1.10.X Download